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Artist Statement – David Andrés Kietzman

Art making has allowed me to justify living on the streets, talking to crazy people and digging for wood in dumpsters.  I design my projects to make the viewer curious about the images and how they relate to our world and their life. I use found wood as a canvas and anything including magazines and marker as my medium. My artwork ranges in size depending on the size of wood, with the found wood usually creating a natural frame around my thoughts. Imagery and inspiration for my pieces comes from a variety of places such as; old boy scout manuals, political propaganda, graffiti murals, ancient typography books and street signage.  The methods behind the art making process have evolved from my background in graphic design and silk-screening.

Living aboard throughout Mexico and Central America has helped to define my art. These overseas and cultural experiences have encouraged me to voice my opinions through art on issues such as foreign policy, social ills, liberation theology and class discrimination. My artwork represents a continuous effort of innovative cultural documentation with an emphasis placed on the process and provoking the public into participating in my art. I want people to stare at my work until they get it or until they come away with a different perspective on the given subject. Within my art I attempt to tackle topics that excite the viewer, tapping into shared past experiences. With the confrontational nature of my work I hope to encourage an honest reaction and start conversations with the viewer. My pieces are intentionally simple, speaking directly to the audience using loud colors, mass culture iconography and simple compositions. I incorporate the daily interactions, needs and desires and cultural moments that make up the everyday lives of people. I believe it is important that through art the viewer is exposed to different and sometimes controversial ideas that the artist is passionate about.

Through art I hope to explore why we create different realities for ourselves, are scared to live life and how we as a people constantly dis-value ourselves. I hope that my artwork would reflect a bit of my world and perception of life with its misconceptions and miracles. On a smaller level I hope that through my designs I can help in the evolution of the viewer’s worldview.  On a larger scale through tackling socially aware and very personal topics I hope that my art would gradually change the world.